This is the year of….

I hope that all of you had an amazing and phenomenal new years. Whether or not you had a great 2014 do not dwell on what happened because it is in the past now. 2015 is a new year. Make it a year of growth, adventure, a year of taking risks, following your dreams and most of all, a year of happiness. Use 2015 to work on yourself as much as you can by learning, being with the people that you love, and doing the things that you have always wanted to do. Life is way to short to dwell on anything other than the present.

I am really excited to see what is on the horizon of 2015 because of everything that is being carried over from 2014. 2014 was, I think, one of the happiest years of my life because of the people that were in it, the hard work I was able to put into that year, and my attitude. In that one year I was able to get a new job that I love, buy a house, dance a ton, meet the best people in the world, and got physically fit. in 2013 I had no idea that I would have been able to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time, and to my surprise because of the attitude I had in life and the people in it, I was able to accomplish what I never would have thought I would be able to.

Life definitely brings about a lot of surprises that you would never expect. To my shock I was able to find out that I can handle more than I actually thought I could, you just have to have the right attitude about things. How you react to the things that happen to you in life is everything. Its your choice if you are going to be angry at someone who screwed you over, its your choice if you want to make a decision that you will regret, and its your choice if you want to live your dreams to be happy. So make a choice and make your life an adventure of a lifetime in 2015.

Cheers everyone and Happy New Year

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